We are Netstars

Gateway toward the future of Cashless Society

Netstars Co., Ltd. is a Japanese internet service company originally founded by three IT engineers in 2009. We are a full line Fintech payment services solution provider in Japan, we are the largest QR payment integrator in the market. Our product supported payments from various partners including WeChat Pay, LinePay, Alipay, Union Pay, PayPay, Origami Pay, R Pay, Oki Pay. etc.

Since 2018, Netstars expands overseas business through Netstars Asia Holdings in Singapore to form partnerships and brought our solutions to the world markets.

Establishment of Netstars Vietnam in 2019 marked a new stage in Netstars’ corporate history. Netstar Vietnam is strived to develop original products that can best fit the market demand and bring the best user experience to our merchant users.

Our vision

Be the leading force in fin tech revolution 

Many believe that Asia is now the leader in high-tech payments services, which surpass years ahead of the world. Base on the high demand and high receptive nature of customers in developing markets, as long as we have mobile networks covered, bank account, debit/credit card and electronic money associated with legacy infrastructures are no longer necessary to process a payment. We are now closer than ever to achieve a cashless society.

In Netstars, we aim to support this process by providing efficient, reliable and secure services to our customers. We would like to bring benefit to everyone including merchants, customers, partners and local governments.

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