Mini App

What is Mini App?
Mini app is essentially an application that runs on a platform. The difference here is that the “platform” that the Mini app runs on is another application (also known as the host application, the host app). When the number of Mini apps reaches a number enough to form an ecosystem that users can use daily, seamlessly for all related needs, these host applications will be called Super App

Benefits of Mini App bring:

  • Saving product development resources: product development time is significantly shortened when businesses develop Mini App on the host App thanks to the available toolkits, tailor-made frameworks as well as many designs. Useful UI
  • Access to the available user set from Super App:
    Based on official data from WeChat, in January 2022, the number of daily active users of WeChat is nearly 1 billion users, of which 450 million daily users access WeChat Mini Apps. Mini Programs. The current number of WeChat Mini App applications has surpassed 3 million Mini Apps. Those are the numbers that speak.
    With such a large number of daily active users, any business would want to reach and engage even a few percent of that number. That is also the biggest attraction for businesses when choosing to develop Mini App on Super App.
  • Take advantage of the ecosystem available from Super App:
    The available ecosystem of Super App is also another attraction for businesses. The host app is ready to provide businesses with available utilities such as payment, delivery, campaign promotion, interactive experience, chat with sellers, … so that businesses only need to focus on product development give really good.
  • Upgrade user experience solution:
    Thanks to the existing ecosystem of host Apps, Mini App customers will experience a seamless customer process from selection, transaction, payment, order tracking, customer support, etc. There is no need to develop the process from scratch. From there, it helps to increase the return rate of customers for Mini App.
  • Mini App can “separate” if it’s grown enough:
    Mini App can act as a “trial stepping stone” of the business when it is just starting to enter the market. When you feel that your product is complete enough, has a relatively stable return of customers and meets expectations, you can completely build your own App if there is a need.

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