More convenient selling apps for grocery store owners

Understanding the pressures of many grocery store owners in operating today, Netstars introduces a technology solution from Japan – the Tete Shop application, which helps anyone to easily manage their grocery store.

Small space but “big” difficulty

“This little shop must be simple to sell, right?” These are questions and comments that Ms. Hoa – a grocery store owner often receives from people. As a grocery store owner who has been in business for many years in a small town, Ms. Hoa said that running a “tiny” grocery store is not easy.

As both a shop owner and a main seller, it took her a few months at first to basically remember all the prices of the products she was selling. When the price of the item changes, if you do not pay attention, you will get the wrong price for the customer, leading to loss of revenue and capital loss. Therefore, she always has to carry a notebook and a calculator to calculate money and debit.

Also because she is the main sales person, when she has to go out or when there are many customers, she finds it difficult to manage alone, because family members can’t remember the price of items to help.

In addition, the control of goods and management of the skyrocketing number of customers in the days leading up to Tet also make the work of the grocery store owner busier. During this peak period, with family members participating in operation support, the job of the shop owner will be shared a lot.

However, that help is only really meaningful when everyone is well versed in product pricing and knows how to calculate liabilities. This is a difficult problem for Ms. Hoa and the current grocery store owners.

“Special trick” of management technology from Japan

Since Ms. Hoa knew the Tete Shop solution – sales management on mobile phones, her sales have become much simpler. Tete Shop is a convenient free sales management solution, with a simple and easy-to-use interface, from the global financial technology group Netstars.

Considered a technological “cool” from Japan, the Tete Shop application promises to become a great companion for grocers. Applying smart storage technology, Tete Shop helps store owners manage effectively and sell well without investment costs.

With just a phone with an internet connection, store owners and family members can participate in sales easily. By using new technology, grocers can now forget about notebooks and math headaches.

According to the application developer representative, Tete Shop helps shop owners easily note orders, debts, look up transactions, track revenue, update prices of new items… With each order, The seller only needs 3 seconds to complete the transaction procedures. Besides, data is also stored in the cloud intelligently, without an internet connection can still be used.

To be able to use Tete Shop, users only need to download the application to their phone from the App Store or CH Play, then enter the full store information including name, address, phone number and email address to turn on. family sharing feature.

Easy operation, shared management

After having a store, users need to post products to their stores by scanning the barcode, the item will be stored. At the same time, entering the full item name and product price will make it easy for anyone managing the store to review.

The shop owner can scan the barcode or enter the product name directly to sell then click pay to complete the order. In addition, on the application, there is also a section to view delivery history, debit notes, which is extremely convenient.

Tete Shop is developed based on the research of leading technology experts in Japan and Vietnam in the retail market. In Vietnam, this application is also gradually being accepted by many customers, especially when Tet is approaching. With the family data sharing feature on the app, each shop owner and relative can operate the store.

Netstars Vietnam was established by the global financial technology group Netstars based in Japan. With the aim of bringing new technology solutions from the world market to Vietnam, Netstars provides many digital applications, the most prominent of which is Tete Shop – a completely free store management application.

Tete Shop will turn users’ mobile phones into handheld vending devices, replacing computers and debit books. With advanced technology, turn your camera into a barcode scanner, find products quickly, make sales convenient and easy.

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